How I can help

As an Occupational Therapist, I employ a variety of skills and approaches to help those with chronic fatigue maintain their life occupations and enable a sense of independence, achievement and wellbeing. Occupations are practical, purposeful and meaningful daily activities, such as self-care, work and leisure. I draw on my extensive and varied experience of therapeutically treating people with a wide range of physical or mental health conditions, and this enables me to provide a truly holistic approach.

Therapy Sessions and courses

I provide individual therapy sessions of Fatigue Management, either face to face or via video call. I also offer courses teaching deep rest techniques for energy replenishment, and I introduce Mindfulness approaches to use in day to day life, to further improve energy management. Mindfulness has been shown to be an effective way to manage a number of health conditions.

Individual Fatigue Management Therapy Sessions

After an initial assessment of your situation we work out a plan of action together. I work in a holistic and client-centred way so you are always in the driving seat and I will help navigate. The holistic approach means being aware of the mind and body connection and their effect on each other.

We will cover practical techniques such as pacing activity, how to take rest breaks during a busy day, coping at work. We will look at how to Replenish energy, and also psychological approaches to cope with energy draining, self-critical thoughts and over busy minds, which can have an effect on your mental health and self-esteem as well as your energy.

If appropriate for you, we will look at building your activity tolerance so you can do a little more each week. These sessions are usually 1 hour in length, but if that seems too long for you let me know. Appointments are usually monthly or can be more often. 

All sessions are usually carried out over video call.

I aim to cover some of the subjects below depending on our plan of action.

  • Deep rest breaks and how to fit them around daily demands
  • Managing fatigue related pain
  • Managing stress and anxiety related to fatigue
  • Relaxation and meditation
  • Mindfulness approaches
  • Breathwork and the importance of good breathing
  • Pacing activity and breaking high energy tasks into smaller chunks
  • Managing daily tasks and equipment which may help
  • Work. Supporting return to work and with managing at work. I can also write guidance letters to your employer
  • Further education/studying. Supporting you through your course. I can also write guidance letters to your educators.
  • How to improve poor sleep patterns
  • The importance of a good diet and eating pattern
  • Building activity tolerance
  • Understanding the impact of thoughts and emotions on energy use
  • Managing the busy mind
  • The importance of carrying out activities which give enjoyment
Replenish OT butterfly

So, if you have a physical or mental health condition which leaves you very fatigued, or you are experiencing excessive stress in your life and you feel exhausted, you could benefit from a few, or a series, of sessions to help you live your life more fully and improve your wellbeing. I am flexible about their frequency.


I am no longer seeing new clients.