12 ways to quieten a busy mind

Replenish OT. Sea. Deep rest

A racing mind is a symptom of a stressed body. Calm the body <–> calm the mind. But remember minds are busy. A flow of thoughts is normal. The problem comes when your thoughts become intrusive and trigger your body to become stressed. 

  • Give yourself permission to STOP!
  • Breathing exercises quickly calm the body. Keep your breath low in your belly and the out-breath longer than the in-breath.
  • Place your awareness and attention on your body starting with your toes, actively allowing each area to let go of tightness and tension
  • Focus on what you are doing Now. Eating a meal? Be fully aware of each mouthful, the taste, texture, smell. Enjoy the experience! This helps your digestion too!
  • Carry out grounding activities such as gardening, even sowing a few seeds for your windowsill.
  • Exercise. Walk, gentle stretching, yoga or run (for those without fatigue). Anything you enjoy. Be aware of the movement of your body. Enjoy the feeling. Keep your mind in your body as it moves.
  • Be creative. Make, draw, cook, jigsaws, puzzles, you don’t have to be good, it’s the process that is important. Listen to Music. Play music. 
  • Get outside in Nature. Listen to the birdsong, watch butterflies, look at flowers, plants, be that curious child again. 
  • Rest regularly. We are not robots. Our bodies must have regular rest breaks throughout the day. This will help your body and mind to remain calm, therefore busy thoughts will slow down. 
  • Meditation is fantastic for managing a busy mind. Learn to become an observer of your thoughts, then the emotional impact of worry or fear is far less and you can remain calm while watching your thoughts flow. As if you are sitting by a stream watching fallen leaves (your thoughts) flow past. It just takes a bit of practice. 
  • Laugh! Have fun! Watch funny movies, play games, do things you love to do. Laughing has been shown to have huge benefits for your body and mind and helps you relax and sleep well.
  • Connect with others.

Put these into practice in the day and it will help your night time thoughts too.