Deep Rest

Replenish OT. River. Deep Rest

We all need periods of quiet and inactivity. Not only those who have fatigue difficulties, but all of us. If you watch animals in nature, they make time to stop and rest. For some reason, we humans have forgotten the importance of allowing the body and mind time to reset and recuperate from our busy activity. Deep rest is just that. It is regularly taking short periods of time, perhaps 15 to 30 minutes every few hours, to sit or lie down, closing your eyes and relaxing your body and mind. Slow your breathing rate, breathing into your belly and making the out breathe longer than the in breathe. Consciously relax the body through a body scan relaxation, and settle the mind in meditation, and/or listening to calming music. There should be no demands on the mind or the body during this time. This is the way we turn off the stress response.

If you are someone who says they cannot relax or who does not have time, then I would suggest you are someone who must take the time to learn to relax for your long-term health and well-being. If you have any health condition such as chronic fatigue, ME/CFS, pain conditions, heart conditions or anxiety, it is even more essential that you build regular periods of deep rest into your daily life.

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