How to cope with Christmas

Christmas tree decoration

Christmas is likely to be a different experience for many of us this year, but if you still worry about coping with the expectations and demands of the Christmas festivities with limited energy, here are a few ideas to help you get to Boxing day a little less exhausted.

Remember the 3 P’s: Plan, Prioritise, Pace.

  • Plan ahead.
  • Try and avoid pushing past your energy limits.
  • Build in regular rest days over the festive period.
  • Replenish your energy regularly throughout the day, every day, by taking short (10 – 15 minutes) rest breaks of deep rest.
  • Deep rest is relaxation, meditation, breathing exercises or listening to calming music i.e. close your eyes!
  • The busier you are the more mini breaks you need to take!
  • Break high energy activity into small chunks and take a short breathing break every 30 minutes for 3 minutes and check in with your body, how are your breathing and heart rates? Slow down and rest for longer if your rates are high or fast.
  • Don’t skip meals. Eat breakfast. Eating regular protein rich meals will help your energy.
  • Don’t skimp on sleep. See my article at:
  • Use online ordering to avoid the energy sapping shopping trips.
  • Ask for help. Christmas is about sharing, so share the responsibility among all members of your family and have a team approach to having a great Christmas!
  • Say ‘No’ if you have reached your limit, then go and rest.
  • Have fun! It is ok for things to not be perfect.

Finally, keep returning your mind to the present moment, there is much to be grateful for in the little things; try to switch on your senses and immerse yourself in the sights, smells, sounds and sensations of Christmas: Crisp frosty air, smell of mince pies warming, jingle bells, tinsel……add your own favourites!